There are numerous rolls which can be reused instead of replaced.

Reconditioning Industrial Rolls

This roller reconditioning task is approaching completion.  It is on the laser engraving lathe.

The laser is engraving a precise hex pattern on the surface of this roll to enable it to transfer a specified amount of material when in operation.

Newly Manufactured Anilox Rolls

We manufacture new rolls according to specifications.

We will weld on a Stainless Steel or Hastelloy surface or utilize High Velocity Thermal Spray Coating processes.

We have the equipment and experts to do all these processes in house.

We have the optimal equipment to recondition rolls.  The Ceramco collection of  lathes turn rolls up to 18 inches in diameter and 200 inches long.

This roll has been ground down, built up, cut to specifications, cylindrical polished and is now ready to coat with ceramic.

Recondition - Resurface - Rebuild - Repair

Since 1968 we have been perfecting the overhauling of industrial rolls.  Before you buy a new replacement roll call Ceramco first.

Ceramco has the equipment to recondition rollers up to 200 inches long and 20 inches in diamater.

Repairing, Reconditioning or Improving Industrial Rollers

We have the equipment, team and talent to skillfully and carefully repair anilox and industrial rolls.  Before buying new rolls or sending rolls out for repair you should call us first.


  • Stainless Steel Overlays (Welded)
  • Carbon Steel Buildups (Welded)
  • Corona Treated Rolls (Sprayed)
  • Tungsten Carbide Ceramics (Plasma Sprayed, Oxy-Acetylene, Electric Arc Wire Spray)
    • Chrome Oxide
    • Aluminum Oxide
    • Aluminum titanium Oxide
    • Pure Aluminum Oxide

Ceramco Printech Inc. is a nationally recognized source of roll reconditioning and roller repair. 

We utilize the latest technology and are experts at applying high quality ceramic and metal coatings for wear resistance, corrosion resistance, traction, texture, material holding and unique surface properties.

Ceramco has the equipment to recondition rollers up to 200 inches long and 20 inches in diamater.

  • Anilox Roll Repairs
  • Laser Engraved Roll Repairs
  • Glue Roll Reconditioning
  • Rolls for Corrugated Box Manufacturing
  • Roofing Roll repair
  • Wide Web Printing Roll Repair

Call us before you buy a new replacement roll.

We repair worn, dented, corroded, wormed, and out of round rolls to like new specifications.

We can make your rolls as good as new.  Or, if you choose, we can overhaul them so they are improved above new specifications.  We can also completely change the characteristics of your rolls if you want us to.  Just Ask…