New Anilox Rolls or Anilox Roll  Resurfacing and Repair

Anilox Roll Repair
Anilox Roll Laser Engraving

Flexo printers achieve the highest standards of quality using Ceramco Printech LaserCell laser engraved ceramic anilox rolls.  Forty-Six years of industry service earned Ceramco Printech the reputation of innovative technical expertise and responsive customer service.

Ceramco Printech provides the marketplace with technically superior laser anilox rolls that imporve the printing process.  Advanced fabrication techniques, CNC machining, thermal sprayed coating and laser engraving, produce rolls that exceed OEM specifications.

Mechanical Engraved Anilox Rolls

AST roll reconditioning

  • Stainless steel corrosion resistant overlay
  • Carbon Steel Overlay
Anilox Roll Laser Engraved Hex Pattern

Cell Volume Measurement

Anilox roll volume is defined as the amount of ink held on one square inch of the engraved roll surface expressed in units of billion cubic microns or BCM.

Absolute Volume Ink Smear is now the preferred method of measuring the cell volume of a laser engraved ceramic anilox roll.  This technique involves pipetting a standard amount of ink onto the engraved surface and doctoring it across the roll.  The resulting ink blot is measured with a planimeter.  A formula is then used to calculate the absolute cell volume in units of BCM.

Knowing the absolute volume of the anilox roll relates directly to the amount of ink transferred to the printing plate, and is a key factor in controlling the printing process.

Engraving Specifications

As a rule of thumb, one should choose an anilox roll screen size at least four times the plate screen size.  But avoid even integer multiples which may cause moire patterns.  With laser engraving, screen LPI and cell volume BCM can be specified in any number of combinations.  Further, the specifications can be achieved in a variety of cell patterns including 45°, 30°, and 60° orientations.  Pressroom experience is usually necessary to dial in the optimum combination for ink color, type of image being printed and printing substrate.  Ceramco Printech custom engraves test band anilox rolls which are useful in cutting down trial and error time.

Anilox Roll Service

  • Fabricating anilox rolls for any wide or narrow web press model.
  • Reconditioning anilox rolls for any wide or narrow web press model.

LaserCell Laser engraved Ceramic Anilox Rolls

  • Precise volumetric control
  • Engraved to 1200 LPI
  • Light weight design
  • Unconditionally guaranteed
Anilox Roll Laser Engraved Hex PatternAnilox Roll Laser Engraved Hex PatternAnilox Roll Printing Example

Example of Anilox Printing using Ceramco Anilox Rolls