Hard Face Roll Repair

Frequently hard face rolls require dimensional restoration.  Ceramco has the equipment to cut down, weld up, cut and then grind rolls back to original dimensional specifications.

Why do rollers corrode?

4140 Steel Rolls can be improved such that they have an increased corrosion resistance.  We weld 420 stainless over hard face steel rolls to increase corrosion resistance and also to make the rolls harder.

Materials we normally use for roll buildup:

  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • 420 Stainless Steel
  • C22 Hastelloy

What types of rolls are reconditioned?

Rolls for reconditioning examples:

  • Rock Crushing Rolls
  • Mining Rolls
  • Rolls used in Glass Manufacturing
  • Rolls used during Heat Treatment
  • Many other types of rolls.

We recondition 420 Stainless Steel Rolls.  These hard face rolls wear or worm and are expensive to replace.  We have the equipment, processes, expertise and talent to recondition 420 stainless steel rolls to original specifications.

Are your rollers being crushed?

When rolls need to be reconditioned there is sometimes an underlying problem to solve.  If the underlying problem can be identified then the roll can be improved to overcome that problem.  If the roll surface needs to be harder, tougher, more corrosion resistant, or needs a different finish then the perfect time to do that is during the reconditioning process.

Roller Reconditioning vs. Roller Improvement

Reconditioning can improve rolls to better or different specifications than the original specifications.  This can solve problems and lead to increased life expectancy for rolls.