Tungsten Carbide Roll Refinishing

Typically rollers come to us from these industries:

  • Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers
  • Wire Drawing
  • Fiber Optic Cable Production
  • Steel Rolling Mills
  • Aluminum Rolling Mills

Tungsten Carbide or Hard Chrome roll reconditioning.

People ask, how much tungsten do you want added.  Frequently it is .006 – .008 inch.

The diameter tolerances on these rolls is usually tighter than other types of rolls.


Tight Specifications

Mirror Finish

Roughness values range from as high as 500+ Ra for traction coatings or finished down to 4 Ra.

When going higher than 500 Ra the surface roughness will exceed the capability of profilometers to measure.

Profilometers are instruments used to measure the roughness of a surface.

The finish pictured above is a 4 Ra.


Ra = Arithmetic Mean of Roughness

Tungsten Carbide Roll Resurfacing

Ceramco has the capabilities to perfect the mirror finishes on these rollers.

Low friction or Nodular Surface


Tungsten Carbide Roll Resurfacing